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  • 2014 – A New Resolution for your health
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    “Yesterday, it was November, and now it’s December! Where did the year go?” Not only kids, but adults are also excited and surprised about the passing year to welcome the new one. Time just flies by, each year passing faster than the last. Knowing that it is the first day of the new year, its time to talk about New Year Resolution!

    I know what kind of resolution some people think we are talking about:

    • Lose weight
    • Eat healthy
    • Quit smoking
    • Spend time with family and friends

    This year we suggest to make a resolution, a resolution to be healthy, to be safer.

    Ways to live a safe and healthy life this year.

    1. Create emergency plans and kits

    Create some emergency plans and kits to medical emergencies, natural disasters or fires in home while you’re away or in the house. If any person in your family has health conditions, make sure to keep an emergency kit containing bottled water, batteries, phone, first aid kit, blanket, non-perishable food is helpful.

    2. Well maintain your car

    We sometimes usually neglect our vehicles and there needs of regular maintenance. It is always better to check your tyres, see if brakes are working properly. Make sure you maintain your vehicles in a good way to avoid getting caught in an emergency and prevent accidents.

    3. Wear medical ID jewelry

    Medical alert jewelry is important for people with medical conditions even if it is a minor peanut allergy or stroke. It signifies your medical condition to the first responders, making it easy to treat you immediately. We even find that to support people with medical conditions, others also wear medical ID jewelry such as caregivers.

    4. Write it down and share it

    It is usual that we may forget wearing our medical Id jewelry sometimes. You may have backup of your condition or emergency numbers in your phone, but they’re password locked. The only known best way to protect you as well as your loved one is by writing it down on your Medical ID Wallet Card. Mention the most important name and contact number of the person you would like to contact in such situation.

    We would definitely like to hear your thoughts, resolutions, and targets for a secure, healthier, and happier life in 2014. Tell us what will you adopt to do?


    Published by My Identity Doctor on December 1, 2013


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