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    Asthma_2425829bFor people with asthma, perhaps winter is a tough time because this can lead to certain problems. In winter, cold and dry air could be the trigger for asthma attacks. But anyway, even if you have asthma, you don’t have to overly restrict your activities during the winter. There are several things you can do to get through this winter easier, and here they are.

    1. Breathe with your nose so the air you breathe will be warmer, it’s good for your lungs.

    2. Don’t get too close to the fireplace as it produces smoke, and this can trigger asthma attacks.

    3. Wear a scarf to cover your nose and mouth, it can also warm the air you breathe.

    4. Prioritize hygiene. It will protect you from various diseases. Simple things like washing your hands will keep you from several diseases such as flu, or even typhoid.

    5. Keep exercising. You can perform indoor exercise. Swimming is very good for those who have asthma.

    6. Getting a flu shot to combat asthma attacks in winter.

    7. Check the filters. The heating system is likely to blow dust in your home. And it’s not good for asthmatics. Clean the filter before you turn this device on.

    8. Drink enough water to prevent your airways from dry.

    9. Take your medicines with you for emergency situation.

    10. Bring emergency card or wear medical identification bracelets. Emergency card is important because it has your medical records. In addition, you can also wear a medical identification bracelet, it can save your life, especially in emergency situations. When you wear this bracelet, paramedics will notice your health condition, and will be able to take the right action to address the issue.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on February 8, 2014


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