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  • 10 must do’s when your kids go back to school
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    Hey, summer vacations are over, and it’s time for kids to go back to school. It is so much fun for kids to start a new school year with new books, new syllabus, new teachers, and also new friends. Some parents wait till last moment to get everything ready for new school year, but it need not to be this way! Here are few steps and tips to overcome the stress of back-to-school.

    1. Visit school and meet the teachers

    Many school offers orientation programs before school starts. It is the responsibility of parents as well as an opportunity to visit school and ask some questions about school planners, sick days, absentees, uniform requirements and lunch or other important aspects.

    2. Extra school supply list

    If in case you didn’t receive any supply list in mail from the school, you will find it in a school supply store. You will never go wrong with some basic elements such as pencils, crayons, glue, scissors and a small pack of tissues etc. Be in touch with the school if they make any necessary changes to the supply list.

    3. Take teacher’s email addresses

    Most of the schools believe in communicating via email nowadays for faster and better conveying of messages or important notes or announcements. Get contact numbers of the school, in case you need to get an immediate answer to your questions.

    4. Practice bus procedures

    If your child is traveling by bus, walk with him to bus stop. Always make sure the route your kid is using is safe. Note the bus schedule and the time it will take to reach bus stop. Teach your kid how to behave at the stop and also in the bus.

    5. Prepare for changes

    If you are making any necessary changes as compared to last year, it is important to have a family meeting about a week or 4-5 days before school. Elaborate the changes going to happen such as new rules, homework rules, activities, breakfast and snack directions etc. It is necessary for those whose school has cut down the facilities of soda and candy machines.

    6. Plan for tutor immediately

    In case, you’re sure that your child will need a tutor this year, plan for a tutor. Do not wait until your kid fails or other private tutors are booked.

    7. Arrange for before-school care

    It is necessary for working parents to take your child to early-arrival school program. You can meet the director and ask for a copy of rules and regulations adopted by the school so you get to know what to expect such as arrival time, meals, activities, and other exceptions.

    8. Organize kid’s life

    Take a calendar for your kid and mark down important academic dates such as the start and end of classes, final dates, projects, assignments, vacations and important events. Make sure your kid has everything lined up in sequence so he does not need to juggle.  This also helps set goals, objectives, and timelines to complete tasks.

    9. Be medically alert- wear medical bracelets

    If your child is suffering from any medical condition, medication or food allergies, he or she will need to be properly taken care of. Meet school teachers and higher authorities to explain your kid’s condition and get appropriate attention while your kid is in school premises. In some cases, it is necessary for your kid to wear a kid’s id bracelet that would explain his medical condition and or allergies to first responders or any medical expert.

    10. Have fun

    It is one of the exciting times in your child’s life. Don’t try to stress your child on going back to school. You may miss the excitement kids would be feeling.  Let them have fun instead of being in fear and dread.

    So friends, you and your children might be in hurry to start the school days, and then why not try these steps to help make it more comfortable for their school environment and studies. These steps won’t cost you anything. So enjoy your free time but also take few minutes to check on our top 10 tips. These will make returning to your school a whole easier task. Let me know if this was helpful for you or not, and thanks for reading.




    Published by My Identity Doctor on July 29, 2013


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