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Morphine Allergy

Morphine Allergy and Medical Alert Jewelry
Morphine allergy is a rare condition. Lots of people have drug allergies and a morphine allergy is one of them. If you are allergic to morphine, then itís extremely important that you are able to alert any emergency medical staff to your drug allergy in the event that you are rendered unconscious and unable to communicate. The most effective way to ensure that you are able to do this is through the use of medical alert jewelry, which has inscriptions that will designate to your caregivers that you have a drug allergy and a morphine allergy, and he or she will avoid administering this drug.

What is Morphine Allergy?
Morphine is the most common analgesic painkiller, extracted from the opium plant, and is used to treat severe pain. It produces a pleasant, numbing effect, and is commonly administered to patients who are suspected to be in unbearable pain as a result of injury or recent surgery.

Morphine allergy occurs when your immune system overreacts to the presence of morphine and treats it as a hostile substance, releasing histamine and other preventative measures that result in allergy symptoms. If you have been administered morphine and experience a skin rash, sun-sensitive skin, aching joints, aching muscles, swollen lymph nodes, itchiness, nausea, vomiting, or congestion, then you may have a morphine allergy (and potentially other types of drug allergy.) Consult your doctor immediately if you experience any of the above symptoms, as he or she can administer tests to determine if you have morphine allergy or drug allergy.

Why Do I Need Medical Alert Jewelry?
Due to the prevalence of the use of morphine to combat pain, you will need to purchase medical alert jewelry to inform medical personnel of your condition. If you are injured or rendered unconscious and unable to communicate the nature of your drug allergy to your caretakers, then they may administer the drug, unknowingly creating more problems. If you wear medical alert jewelry, in the form of necklaces or bracelets, at all times, you greatly reduce the risk of accidentally receiving a dose. Paramedics and ER doctors are trained to look for any medical alert jewelry upon receiving a patient, and will easily spot your steel, silver, or gold piece and will avoid administering the drug, instead choosing a substitute.

Fortunately, My Identity Doctor has a large selection of medical alert jewelry, so feel free to browse on over to our site. There, you will find a large selection of Medical Jewelry, materials, and inscriptions, allowing you to customize your own personal piece. You will be able to clearly engrave any other medical conditions or allergies you may have on this piece as well.

Medical alert jewelry is an extremely valuable and potentially life-saving commodity for any patient with an allergy or chronic condition. They serve the function of quickly bringing your doctor or caregiver up to speed, allowing them to provide the most accurate and speedy treatment while ensuring that they do not accidentally cause a dangerous allergic reaction. If you have morphine allergy or any other drug allergy, then medical alert jewelry can easily save your life. What are you waiting for?

If you have any questions regarding Morphine allergies and Medical Alert Jewelry please feel free to contact us at any time and we will be happy to help.

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