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About Medical Alert ID Bracelets

The Importance of Medical Jewelry
If you have a common chronic condition that could affect the way that you are treated for unrelated conditions or emergencies, then it is crucially important that you wear a piece of medical jewelry or medical ID jewelry at all times. This way, if you are suddenly hospitalized for your condition or for an unrelated accident, your caregivers will be able to make the correct decisions involving your treatment after seeing your medical jewelry. Medical identification jewelry is reasonably priced, stylish, and absolutely essential, and it’s totally customizable and readily available at our website,

What to Look for, for High Quality Medical Jewelry
* (most important) Easy to see and read engraving
* Non-allergenic metal (Stainless Surgical Steel)
* Durability for every day use
* Comfortable and Fashionable Medical Jewelry That is Custom Fitted
* Wallet Card should be included with your ID. Click Here to Download Free wallet card
My-Identity-Doctor offers uniquely engraved medical jewelry. All medical jewelry is engraved with a high-intensity bold BLACK font to make it easy to see and read.
* Click Here to Read about BLACK ENGRAVING

What Conditions Require Medical Jewelry?
Any condition that is categorized as chronic and could alter the way that you are treated for standard procedures and emergencies should be identified through the use of medical jewelry. If you are in a car accident, become unconscious, or are somehow unable to communicate your condition to emergency personnel, then medical ID jewelry can save your life.
If you suffer from any type of allergy, then it is essentially that you properly identify yourself through the use of medical identification jewelry. This is especially true if you suffer from an allergy to a common type of medication, such as aspirin or penicillin, as you may be treated with these drugs unknowingly if you are unable to communicate. Emergency medical personnel will search your body for any such types of medical jewelry before administering treatment, and will quickly and easily spot your medical ID jewelry and adjust their treatment based on that information.
Other types of conditions that require the use of medical jewelry include autism, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, any type of seizure disorder, a rare blood type, if you have a pacemaker installed, and if you are taking medications that are known to have poor reactions with other types of medications, such as blood thinners.

* Medical jewelry comes highly recommended by medical professionals for your safety.

Why Medical Identification Jewelry?
Medical ID jewelry is the most cost-effective and least invasive way to make sure that you are conveying the correct information. The alternatives to medical jewelry include medical tags (keychains, etc..) and ID cards. Medical tags are great to have on you in addition to medical jewelry. Medical cards are great however if you are injured or rendered unconscious without your wallet in tow, then medical ID cards are essentially useless. However medical cards can be used in combination to your medical jewelry. Your medical jewelry can be custom engraved with your vital information and your ID card should be used as an additional safety precaution. The only way to absolutely guarantee that you will receive the correct treatment is to wear a piece of medical ID jewelry at all times.
My-Identity-Doctor sends out free ID cards with all medical jewelry. All cards are printed on high quality 100-lb card stock. You may also download a free ID card at any time.


What Types of Medical Jewelry Are There?
The most common types of medical identification jewelry are bracelets or necklaces. The details of your condition (or a common, easily-recognizable symbol) are engraved, along with your name and any other pertinent information. These pieces of medical jewelry can be made of stainless steel (recommended) or made of finer material such as gold and silver.
At My-Identity-Doctor, we’re one of the leading sources of reasonably-priced, accurate, and quality medical identification jewelry. Browse on over to the site and find the piece that fits you.

Remember, don’t delay this process. Wearing a piece of medical jewelry can save your life.

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All Pre-engraved medical bracelets with black font for any medical condition making it easier to read. People suffering or diagnosed with below mentioned conditions should wear medical ID jewelry.

Alzheimers Bracelets, Arrthymia Bracelets, Arthritis Bracelets, Asthma Bracelets, Autism Bracelets, Breast Cancer Bracelets, Cancer Bracelets, Celiac Disease Bracelets, Coumadin Bracelets, Dementia Bracelets, Diabetes Bracelets, Diabetes Type I, Diabetes Type II, Diabetic Bracelets, Dialysis Bracelets, Epilepsy Bracelets, Gastric Bypass Bracelets, Glaucoma Bracelets,   Heart Patient Bracelets, Hemophilia Bracelets, High Blood Pressure Bracelets, Hypertension Bracelets, Hypoglycemia Bracelets, Insulin Dependent Bracelets, Lap Band Bracelets, Latex Allergy Bracelets, Lung Disease Bracelets, MS Bracelets, Multiple Sclerosis Bracelets, Organ Donor  Bracelets, Pacemaker Bracelets, Peanut Allergy Bracelets, Penicilin Allergy Bracelets,  Sleep Apnea Bracelets, Sulfa Allergy Bracelets, Warfarin Bracelets

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