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Engraved With Your Safety In Mind

Hi and welcome to My Identity Doctor. We provide the most highly recommended medical ID Bracelets & Necklaces available. Top rated BLACK engraving makes it easy for Medical doctors to see and read your information.

  • We specialize in Medical ID Safety
  • Easy to read BLACK Engraving is the #1 most important part for your safety
  • Doctors need to easily read your medical ID to ensure your receive the proper medical care quickly and accurately

IMPORTANT: Patients With Medical Conditions & Allergies Medical Alert Jewelry is critical for your safety and well being. -Studies show 50% of medical errors occur due to misdiagnosis during admission to hospital and/or release without proper care.

  • Medical Jewelry will ensure proper medical attention to limit any error or misdiagnosis
  • In times of an emergency Medical IDs Identify your medical condition and/or allergies to paramedics, doctors, & care takers.
  • With the proper information Doctors & Paramedics can treat you in an emergency right away. At times this can be very critical and can save your life.
  • Paramedics & Doctors are trained to be aware of Medical Alert IDs to ensure proper treatment.
  • Medical Bracelets will also save you on hospital bills by eliminating unneeded trips to hospital, speeding up medical
  • treatment, and allowing doctors to accurately diagnose you to reduce error

What you need to know

  • We strive to ensure you receive the best possible engraving and visibility possible
  • We use a high powered engraver that Burns your information onto the metal. This is by far the best for visibility and is extremely resistant to every day wear and tear.
  • Our Stainless steel IDs are custom designed to improve contrast to further increase visibility We Warranty all items and offer our 100% Engraving Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied, we offer a return policy that covers our custom engraved medical jewelry
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Our Mission

My-Identity-Doctor ensures medical patients can receive the highest quality engraving & jewelry that focuses on reliability & safety. All Medical ID jewelry is custom engraved with the most highly visible and defined engraving available. This engraving style is specifically geared towards high definition to ensure your medical information is clear & easy to see in case of an emergency.

My believes in providing service that Cares for its customers. Some what like visiting your doctor that cares for your health and well being. will do the same as we do care about you and your well being. Our caring service will pay close attention to your needs, and customizes all items with your safety in-mind . Attention to your information details is very important to you and us.

All medical IDs have been custom designed to ensure engraving quality & reliability. You will find that your ID will most commonly have a fine polished front to give a fine stylish design, and a brushed steel back to improve engraving visibility and ensure your safety.

Engraved With Your Safety In Mind, for Your Peace of Mind
SHOPPING SAFELY AND SECURELY not only focuses on your medical safety and well being, but also your online identity and security.

We are fully encrypted and secure for your shopping safety. What this means is all information typed on My-Identity-Doctor is safely blocked from unwanted hackers. uses SSL security.

This security is used with the safety of the shopper in mind.

My Indentity has really chnaged the way we ....
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Identity Doctor inc., the employees & affiliates are not responsible for any Health Care received or not received to any Patient / Person wearing or using any item or service provided by Identity Doctor inc. and / or this website. Identity Doctor inc. is also doing business under the name My Identity Doctor.

Identity Doctor inc. Medical ID Bracelets cares for your health and well being.

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All Pre-engraved medical bracelets with black font for any medical condition making it easier to read. People suffering or diagnosed with below mentioned conditions should wear medical ID jewelry.

Alzheimers Bracelets, Arrthymia Bracelets, Arthritis Bracelets, Asthma Bracelets, Autism Bracelets, Breast Cancer Bracelets, Cancer Bracelets, Celiac Disease Bracelets, Coumadin Bracelets, Dementia Bracelets, Diabetes Bracelets, Diabetes Type I, Diabetes Type II, Diabetic Bracelets, Dialysis Bracelets, Epilepsy Bracelets, Gastric Bypass Bracelets, Glaucoma Bracelets,   Heart Patient Bracelets, Hemophilia Bracelets, High Blood Pressure Bracelets, Hypertension Bracelets, Hypoglycemia Bracelets, Insulin Dependent Bracelets, Lap Band Bracelets, Latex Allergy Bracelets, Lung Disease Bracelets, MS Bracelets, Multiple Sclerosis Bracelets, Organ Donor  Bracelets, Pacemaker Bracelets, Peanut Allergy Bracelets, Penicilin Allergy Bracelets,  Sleep Apnea Bracelets, Sulfa Allergy Bracelets, Warfarin Bracelets

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